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Kitchen Cabinet refinishing

Are you searching for a suitable corner kitchen cabinet that best suits your taste?

Home décor projects have always been exciting when it comes to their design. Kitchen corner cabinets are typically problematic, where there is little space to place anything. There are different problems with a design associated with a small kitchen but the solution resides solely in corner kitchen cabinets. Kitchens are designed of different shapes. Some are straight, others are L-shape, inverted-U shape, square shape, rectangular shape, Kitchens with L-shape have at least one corner. Most DIYers got stuck when it comes to design or kitchen cabinet refinishing.

If you want to change your kitchen design or thinking to make a new kitchen in a brand new house, then here are some of the designs and ideas related to what can you do to make your kitchen optimize and look attractive. If you are stuck with what to do or what to place under the kitchen sink cabinet then there are several décor ideas related to your kitchen corner cabinet.

1. Pie-cut Susan

Pie-cut Susan

The pie cut Susan design is one of the oldest tricks and most of the designers use this design mostly in the kitchen hutch cabinet. This pie-cut design is the most famous of all designs where a person just needs to rotate the pies and can access the items easily placed in the back. These designs are usually perfect when you are thinking to make a kitchen hutch cabinet. Pie-cut design was invented in the 18th century, hence considered to be the famous kitchen corner cabinet design.

2. Corner Drawers

Corner Drawers

Pie cut Susan and corner drawers are the most popular design all over the world. If you want to alter the design of your kitchen or you are tired of using the pie cut design then corner drawers are the best alternate for it. The drawer at the corner kitchen cabinet is a pull-out design where a person can easily unfold and pull out anything to easily access anything you want. Corner drawers look ordinary like any other drawer but are quite different from other drawers.

3. Diagonal Kitchen Corner Cabinet

Diagonal Kitchen Corner Cabinet

A diagonal corner kitchen cabinet eliminates the corner cabinet and gives your kitchen an artistic look. If you want to avoid the L-shaped design of your kitchen then you need to build a diagonal design cabinet in your kitchen. A diagonal corner kitchen cabinet avoids a 90-degree look in your kitchen.

4. Kitchen Sink Cabinet

Kitchen Sink Cabinet

If you have enough space and don’t want your kitchen corner to be empty then a sink at the corner of your kitchen would fill up that space. Although there are no pie-cut or pull-out drawers attached to the sink, that’s a good idea if you own a large kitchen. The kitchen sink has ample space behind them so you can décor your sink with money plants or even artificial plants. Who said that a sink in the kitchen can never look pretty?

5. Swinging pullouts

Swinging pullouts

If you think you are lazier than lazy Susan, then swinging pullouts will be your first choice. Don’t be tired of peeking inside the cabinet and searching the utensils in the dark. Just fix a swinging pullout drawer in your kitchen, open the drawer, pull out the shelves and take everything you want. Pie-cut Susan just rotates and keeps inside but swinging pullout drawers come out easily and you can properly see and pick up your utensils.

6. Opt For More Options

Opt For More Options

What kind of more options could be for making your kitchen look more beautiful?

Every time you don’t need to make a lower kitchen corner cabinet, instead make an upper kitchen corner wall cabinet and installing some of the floating shelves for having a breakfast bar. Eliminate some of the kitchen cabinets so that your kitchen appears to be more spacious, inviting, and ingenious.


7. Dead Space

Dead Space

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to optimally utilize space in old homes especially when you are redesigning your kitchen. If you don’t like to use the corner space of your kitchen then you can leave it. It should be worth noted that the dead space left shouldn’t look bad so merge it with other kitchen cabinets by simply painting the similar color as the rest of the other cabinets installed in the kitchen.

8. Accordion Cabinet

Accordion Cabinet

Accordion cabinets are one of the best corner kitchen cabinets you should go for. These are double door cabinets open like an accordion. It provides you the complete access to all the utensils you want. If you want to fully cover your corner space then installation of accordion cabinets would be a great idea. These cabinets look beautiful. Accordion cabinets are not only popular in the kitchen but are also popular in the storerooms and bedrooms.

9. Kitchen Cabinet refinishing

Kitchen Cabinet refinishing

Have you painted your kitchen walls and upgraded all your appliances but forgot to upgrade the look of your kitchen cabinets? If “YES”, then your kitchen cabinets seem to be drab, and unattractive. Your worn-out cabinets are giving an untidy look all over the kitchen. If your cabinets are not in good condition so it’s better to replace them. If your cabinet has a great look and shape but you are tired of its color then, here refinishing starts. Kitchen cabinet refinishing is the most appropriate way of bringing a new life to your dreary cabinets.

It should be worth noted that cabinets must be in good condition before refinishing. Refinishing consists of painting, sanding, paint stripping, and staining. Staining a wooden cabinet would give you the illusion of any kind of wood you want. Painting is the second option, where you can give your cabinet the color that matches your kitchen walls.

Kitchan cabinet refinishing gives your kitchen a new look by mixing and matching different ideas. Kitchen cabinet refinishing is keeping all the components of your kitchen cabinets and just changing its color and few modifications by sanding and applying the new paint color for your kitchen cabinet.

Kitchen designs might be tricky but you can implement different ideas and designs to it and make your kitchen look more stylish. These are just little ideas, but you can always enhance the beauty of your kitchen by adding little creativity. It will make an ordinary kitchen a nice place for family, cooking, and friends.



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